AHEAD GLOBAL-Hungary, operating as a non-profit public benefit Ltd., has been founded by Hungarian companies in 2005 for the purpose of both establishing and developing long lasting economic, commercial and cultural relationship with the business community, as well as, with the representatives of national and local governments, authorities, banks, other financial and cultural institutions of the African/Asian countries.

  • AHEAD GLOBAL strives to use for and to offer its Hungarian business contacts for those companies, institutions and associations which come from Africa/Asia and are interested in establishing and developing economic, commercial and cultural co-operations with Hungary.
  • AHEAD GLOBAL is making concepts and guidance based on its own information sources for supporting the development of Hungarian-African/Asian trade.
  • AHEAD GLOBAL tends to become the professional partner for those Hungarian governmental institutions, which have the responsibility to fulfill any kind of activity in Africa/Asia.
  • AHEAD GLOBAL tends to become a professional organization for helping the implementation of assistance programs and relief operations for the needy in Africa/Asia.
  • AHEAD GLOBAL strives to become an efficient institution for setting and completing deals of its members and their business partners in Africa/Asia.
  • AHEAD GLOBAL endeavors to become part or partner of any kind of reliable Hungarian entrepreneur wishing to start a venture or to establish business connections in Africa/Asia.


Chairman of the Advisory Board
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Mr. József BETHLEN
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